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Monday, October 25, 2010

Kenapa...tak percaya ke?

It’s Saturday, and I really got a BIG BIG project to do…i.e. making CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (aim nak buat macam Famous Amos tu, sbb my favourite....harap-harap menjadi)…. Actually I’ve been thinking of doing this since laaaast Ramadhan, hehehhe…konon2 nak buat stok kuih raya la ni… tapi due to my mom’s big oven suddenly ‘buat hal’…. We only managed to do cornflakes & oat cookies, and the next day, we ran to my Angah’s house to do pineapple tarts, so this chocolate chip thing, had to postpone until the oven is fixed…

Okay, okay cut the crap…..the oven fixed already.....and I got this recipe from my sis-in-law, Amanda…She’s a nice friendly person, and she also ‘gila-gila’ like me too…hihihiihi, that’s why we can be sisters and also friends….  Oooo….besides being a mum with 2 nice boys and 1 superactive girl (that's her secret of losing her weight), she’s also really good in baking cakes and cookies, and she takes orders too… maybe u can find her interesting blog here: http://bakinglab.blogspot.com/

It took about 2 ½ hours for me to complete everything, hmmmm.... takdelah susah pun...(of cozlah I need to let my kids with the father, otherwise it will not be a 2-hour-job) ahaks!! And it turned out nicely,  even my hubby and my eldest daughter, Insyirah loved eating them.....a success for my very first attempt!!! Berjaya berjaya!!!! ^_^

nice one....the taste is juuuussttt like the Famous Amos, but less sweet... Used chocolate chips, raisin', chopped nuts and walnuts cos I love eating them.....

Thank you Manda for sharing this recipe, and also thank you to my hubby for taking care of the girls!!! Happy weekend to u ols!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tilu 'Ku Bukan Aku'

Really like this song.... sweet je!!! ^_^

Ku Bukan Aku - Tilu

Lama sungguh hari berlalu
Hening malam menyiksaku
Bila bersendirian sepi jadi pilu

Kau pergi aku yang hilang
Sedikit pun hidup tak senang
Langit cerah ku renung mendung kelabu

Kerana diriku bukan aku
Tiap kali kau menjauh
Fikiran tak keruan
Jiwa rasa kekosongan
Diriku bukan aku
Tiap kali kau menjauh
Pulangkan dia ke pangkuanku

Yang digemar menjadi bosan
Sukarnya cari ketenteraman
Bila hati bersedih semuanya tak betul

Ku cuba setabah hati melupakan
Dirimu dari ingatan
Tapi semakin dicuba semakin rindu

(ulang korus 2x)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

At Last!!!!

Alhamdulillah..... and at last, WELCOME to my very own blog, impressed tak? Hihihihi... pweeehhhh.... do you know that I really wanted to have one? But it takes years for me to finally, damn....just do it Hanim!!! Please stay focus, boleh tak!!!! "Huhuhuhu... I'm not good at this, I don't know how to start, how ah?" "Aaahhhh.... bukak skit dah pening, I'd better just update my Facebook, read my emails, watch music video at Youtube, orait la tu kan?" "Otherwise, have the latest news at Metro Online, takpun gossip gossip kat murai.com , ok tak....? janji tak out-dated....hihihihi".
But...... I still feel that I'm missing something, yeah... I like to read and write, I like to read blogs, there are a lot of things that we can share with our friends and those outside there, just name it....life experiences, recipes, children, husbands, vacation,  political news, everythinggg..... somehow, that makes me feel closer to them even though we are 24/7 busy with the office work and housework etc.
And I guess my blog will not be focusing on just one thing, I will just write whatever I want to write, whatever that pops out from my mind, just stay there!!!
Have a great day and  have a nice weekend u ols.... :-)