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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Copyright Watermark

One day, a best friend of mine, Mrs Redberry  suggested to me to use watermark images as a copyright to protect my personal photos and images (go and read her blog ok, very interesting one ^_^)

Hmmm.. as a 'freshie' blogger, this is a new thing for me, and I immediately say, "ok, why not…." So after giving me the website, I started to explore and explore and explore.....

And after a successful transaction and tutorial, this is what I got for my new blog….  Jeng! Jeng! Jengggg!!!!!  (p/s: the photos are only for testing purpose..... randomly picked ^_^)

the white font for the darker image

  and..... the black font for the lighter image :-)

Heheheheehe.... thank you to miss eya for her creative design & happy to have online business with u...   am soooo  happy for my achievement...... well, what do u think? ^_^  


  1. fuyooooooooooooo.... dah ada watermark sendiri ek. Congrats! Comey comey... Aku pun suka Eya punye creative design. Tapi so far aku pun amik satu jer. Unless kalau ada blog lain :P

  2. mekaseh sudi jd kastemer sy..hehe..