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Friday, November 5, 2010

Mommy's Experience....

Okay, kali nie I would like to share a valuable experience with u ols…I’m a mother of two lovely and adorable daughters, which I delivered both of them CAESAREAN…. Alhamdulillah, both the operations worked out wonderfully for me. There is no complications and my beautiful girls were born healthy and happy.

Nur Aisyah Safiyyah... was born on 29/09/2009, 8.32 am, by c-section....
I remembered looking at the clock when they rolled me into the OR and it was 7.45 am, at 8.32 am Nur Aisyah Safiyyah made her way into the world 

The REAL pain comes once all the narcotics had gone…masa tu memanglah rasa saaaakit sangat… and it’s true kenapa kite selalu diberi nasihat oleh orang2 tua/mak2 that it is not encouraged to do caesarian delivery, but to opt for normal delivery, sbbnya normal delivery: you feel the real pain before and during delivery; meanwhile caesarian: you don’t feel anything until you had given birth… :-)

It seems that many people are adamently against the c section and some have had very harrowing experiences with them.  But if you are a first time mom, please don't be terrified of the c section if your OB says that is what would be best for you and your baby. 

I know that there are a lot of negative stories about CAESARIAN.....BUT in my personal opinion, I guess both delivery had the same pain (even though I never tried normal before)... 2 times operation for giving birth and 1 operation (March 2008) - myomectomy* for removing my fibroid (detected during my first pregnancy – year 2005), already made me a confirmed caesarean patient :-)

okay, this photo is courtesy from Dr Hamid Arshat's blog. The size of my fibroid is very similar like this one... Actually my hubby managed to take photo of the fibroid, tapi tak sempat pulak nak uploadkan sebab I had lost my phone... :-(

* Pembedahan Myomectomy
Myomectomy adalah sejenis pembedahan untuk membuang fibroid.Ia dilakukan secara pembedahan biasa di mana hirisan pada bahagian perut bawah lebih kurang lima atau enam inci untuk membolehkan rahim dicapai dan tumbuhan itu dibuang.

I think that your recovery after depends on how your state of mind is going into it.  if you are very against it then you probably will not have a positive experience.  For those mom-to-be, my advice is DO NOT BE AFRAID of what kind of delivery are u going to have, stay relaxed and try to think that your baby is gonna pop out soon…you  & hubby are going to be a mommy and a daddy!!!! What else is so precious than this? ^_^

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