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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Insyirah's BIG day!!!

Insyirah’s Annual Concert & Prize-Giving Day

TADIKA SRIMAS 14th Annual Children's Convocation, Prize-Giving & Concert Day (31/10/2010 - Sunday, 9 am at Kolej Yayasan Melaka)

It’s her big day that Insyirah and all her friends have been waiting for. For your information, Insyirah is just 4 years old, of course she has not graduated yet, but she did take part in some performances, i.e. volunteer speech & singing, musical band, fancy dress competition and prize-giving ceremony (she got the first student in class for her year-end examination…. Congratulations girl!! Mmmmuaahhhh!!!!)

The mother is also busylahkan preparing her daughter for the big day…. For the fancy dress, we decided to put her on the Arabian costume and I chose “Wassini” song by artists Waheeda…..Nak jadi cerita, a day before the concert, Insyirah suddenly got high fever, mama dia pun samalah risau if she could not make it for 'that' day…. Luckily, after taking PCM syrup, sponging her with water, and ‘jaram’ her with air asam jawa and daun limau (believe it or not, it really works!!!! A relative of mine who have 10 children told my mom that she rarely brought her children to see doctors when they got sick, what she did was always jaram them with daun limau, memang cepat turunlah demam tu….)

Luckily  I managed to teach her some steps before she got sick,  and we (me & hubby) just wish her all the best & no stress!!!

This is before the ceremony, we brought adik together... go go girllll!!!!  

During the competition.....

volunteer speech performed by her class (4-year-old)....

 musical club performed by 4 & 5-year-old students...

These are the prizes she won, 5th place in fancy dress competition (hamper), 1st in 4-year old class and 2nd place in hoola-hoop competiton ^_^

We (including adik) enjoyed the concert so much and Insyirah was really really happy after the show.... malam tu flat terus sebab penat sangat, bukan dia je, mama ayah & adik flat sekali..... :-P I hope that by putting this into my blog will help her cherish always THE UNFORGETTABLE DAY....  :-)  


  1. No. 1, nim??? Mak aaiii... bijak mcm mummy & daddy dia jugak. Bagus. Biasa nye first child nih, mmg kita bangga lebey skit. first experience kan. Congrats, Insyirah!!!

    Nim, Insyirah still pandai main hoola-hoop seehhhh!!!

  2. Heheheeh... thanx miey...actually kitorg pun tak sangka dia dpt 1st sbb klas dia ramai yang pandai2 & active... Alhamdulillah...

    Dia since 3 yrs old dh pandai, MAMA dia je yang lepas2... :-P

  3. chanteqqq...3hadiah ha menang...